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Welcome Authors

Axiom House fully funds novels, offers an advance, and works hard at promoting your work. However, at this time Axiom House is not accepting new submissions. Please bookmark this site and check back on occasion. Axiom House is very interested in your work.

Submission Guidelines

Email Correspondence

For the first correspondence from an author, Axiom House only accepts a single query letter embedded in an email note. Please use the link below.

First Submission

Query Format

● The length should be comparable to a single type-written page in a standard 12 point font − single spaced. Do not include attachments.

● The first one or two short paragraphs should summarize your book − it should be your best writing, and designed to illicit excitement about your project. Give some thought to the very first line of your query. Ideally it should present an idea, which can be used to market your book through the entire promotional chain.

● The next short paragraph should include the length of your book − in words as opposed to pages − and should mention your target audience. You may also briefly mention comments from early reviews of your book, preferably from impartial readers in your target audience.

● The final few paragraphs should include:

          ▪ Education & occupation

          ▪ Your goals as a writer / level of commitment

          ▪ Experience in public speaking

          ▪ Ideas on the self-promotion of your work

Closing Recommendation

After you have completed your query and are ready to submit it, don't. Sleep on it − or even take a few days. Review it carefully and make sure it is your best work. Is it free from spelling errors? Have you overused a word or been conceptually repetitious? Can it be improved?


Remember, the quality of your query letter speaks to your ability to self-edit − a nontrivial accomplishment.


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