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Privacy Statement

Thank you for visiting Axiom House. We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy. Axiom House collects information from our customers for a single primary purpose − to efficiently and cost-effectively process your order.
  This information is shared only with our credit card processing company, our fulfillment center, and our distributors − and then, only those parts necessary to efficiently process your order.
  About once or twice a year, Axiom House may send out an email note to you, appraising you of a new product. You will be given the opportunity to be removed from this email list.

Internet Security

Axiom House, through  its hosting company, uses encryption technology to protect certain information sent over the Internet.
  SSL is an encryption technology known as Secure Sockets Layer. SSL encrypts transmissions between two parties and verifies the Web site server with which you are communicating. An s after the http in a Web sites address indicates that you are attached to a secure server using SSL technology. Additionally, if your browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, Netscape Navigator 4.0, or a higher version of either, a picture of a lock or a key should appear in the lower right hand corner of the browsers window.



Axiom House reserves the right to modify this

policy in order to better serve our customers.


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