Clicking "Purchase" at the bottom of any left menu opens up a shopping cart. Any personal information you enter is secure and protected. More details are provided in the privacy policy.

Prices occasionally change based on special promotions and other factors. The discount schedule provides standard prices. Both of these links may be found with the "Pricing" menu choice.

If you are unfamiliar with the operation of standard shopping carts, you may preview the process by using order help. You may view shipping options from the left menu as well.


Retail purchases may be made with Visa or MasterCard. Every reader is important to us. As such, if you would like to discuss a different payment option, you may email us from the link below.

Retail Purchase Inquiry


As a general rule, Axiom House encourages our resellers to purchase from one of our distributors. However, there are exceptions, which include:

● If it better meets your needs to work directly with us.

● Axiom House occasionally runs pricing specials.  

If Visa or MasterCard purchases are problematic, resellers may wish to discuss alternative payment options. Also, tax is automatically added only to Virginia addresses based on shipping information entered into our shopping cart. If you are tax exempt, such as Virginia state libraries, we will be happy to resolve this on an individual basis. Please use the link below for help with either of these issues.

Reseller Purchase Inquiry


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