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Last Updated January 03, 2011

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Axiom House

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Welcome to Axiom House

See our Featured Novels:

Eye of the Pyramid by Terry L. Krohn

The Sabatini Prophecy by Thomas L. Blair

Eye of the Pyramid is in the genre of the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

The Sabatini Prophecy is a young-adult fantasy enjoyed by Harry Potter readers.

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Due to increasing demand and reader acclaim, Axiom House has restylized Eye of the Pyramid by Terry L. Krohn in a second printing - available March, 2006. Read the latest reviews from industry professionals. Axiom House is pleased to introduce our novel, The Sabatini Prophecy by Thomas L. Blair - an exciting young-adult fantasy for the entire family.  Read early reviews & sample chapters, and download free wallpaper. Axiom House is committed to supporting resellers and distributors.  Please send us a note to inquire about the availability of marketing material - e.g. free bookmarks, postcards, and posters.

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