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Last Updated April 10, 2007

Axiom House, an independent press, was founded in 2004 with a commitment to build a reputation of quality within the publishing industry.  We are very selective in choosing a candidate book, and before a final decision to publish is made, it is tested by as many as twenty readers in its target market. Axiom House works with partners, suppliers, and distributors that share our goal. Together, we provide a full range of services, which carry a book from the manuscript stage through editing, cover design, promotion, printing, & distribution. Our first novel, Eye of the Pyramid, is being well received by readers in the adult thriller market across the globe - United States, England, Germany, Australia, and numerous other countries.  Our second novel, The Sabatini Prophecy promises to resonate equally well with Harry Potter readers. Axiom House appreciates your interest in its products and services.  Please send us any comments or suggestions by using the email addresses on the Contact Us page.  Building a quality reputation takes time, and we are willing to take the time and care required to achieve this goal.