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Eye of the Pyramid by Terry L. Krohn

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Eye of the Pyramid is in the genre of the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

The Sabatini Prophecy is a young-adult fantasy enjoyed by Harry Potter readers.


The Sabatini Prophecy by Thomas L. Blair is a must read for Harry Potter fans!

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Davey Boehm has a lot to learn! Hes the twenty-fifth magician in a family with a remarkable heritage, yet he knows little of magic or his strange ancestors. Fate brings him to an old mountain town where a struggle against ancient evil is underway. Years ago, his great grandfather foretold of an heir's arrival and then mysteriously disappeared. Now Davey, a mere thirteen-year-old, must destroy the evil force threatening the town. The lives of many, as well as his own, hang in the balance. Early readers are applauding The Sabatini Prophecy. An old-fashioned, good versus evil plot...I loved the way Daveys magic powers developed. -Eighth Grade Boy. Suspenseful, intriguing, and uniquely magical" -College Sophomore. A marvelous story with a wholesome message..." -Business Executive.

Magic Awaits . . .
Evil Threatens . . .
A Hero Arrives . . .
Set out on a thrilling adventure with an unlikely trio as they battle an ancient evil!
Just before Davey Boehm turns thirteen, animals begin to show a strange affinity for him. Is it some kind of inherited trait? Is it why no one will tell me about my ancestors? he wonders. When questioned, his mom is evasive and provides no answers. Then she sends him to live with his aunt...and the mystery deepens!
His aunt lives in an old mountain town ruled by a malicious family. They have dark plans...maybe even dark powers...and give Davey an ominous warning: Leave before you get hurt! Davey is distraught, but hope arrives when a strangely-marked squirrel leads him to an ancient tree. The aura of the tree captivates him, and he feels at home in its presence. Moreover, he finds a magic necklace there, a clue to his birthright. And so, a journey of discovery begins. Joined by an older boy of Cherokee descent and a brash girl, Davey strives to learn about his heritage. Before long, magic permeates every aspect of his life. Meanwhile, his enemies unleash one evil scheme after another, and he faces constant danger.
Ultimately, Davey realizes that fate has brought him to the town for a reason. He and his friends must undertake a prophesized quest. The lives of many, as well as their own, hang in the balance!

Due to increasing demand and reader acclaim, Axiom House has restylized Eye of the Pyramid by Terry L. Krohn in a second printing - available March, 2006. Read the latest reviews from industry professionals. Axiom House is pleased to introduce our novel, The Sabatini Prophecy by Thomas L. Blair - an exciting young-adult fantasy for the entire family.  Read early reviews & sample chapters, and download free wallpaper. Axiom House is committed to supporting resellers and distributors.  Please send us a note to inquire about the availability of marketing material - e.g. free bookmarks, postcards, and posters.