The Story From Dust Jacket

Science and Finance
Who Controls the World?

Illuminati, Knights Templar, the Moneychangers, or The Society

Get ready for the ride of your life as the journey into a realm of financial corruption continues with Dr. Paul Malone...

  In this sequel to Eye of the Pyramid, the story opens with a physicist finding artifacts hidden in a secret room below the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida. Paul quickly discovers that these artifacts are ancient devices with great power remote-viewing capability and much more.
  Responsible for the death of Christ, sponsors of despots such as Adolph Hitler, and existing in secrecy for over two-thousand years, the rulers of the Society are aware of Dr. Malones discovery and they will stop at nothing to get the artifacts for themselves and they have an ally. A mutant, a beast, and a soulless genetic creation, he does the Societys bidding. His reward? The pain he inflicts on anyone who gets in his way.


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