The Story From Dust Jacket

Who are The Powers That Be?

Was an evil Society responsible for the death of Christ?

What is the missing link between the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and the recent movie, The Passion of Christ? Money − its true nature and the black souls of the men it has corrupted.

What has America forgotten that our Founding Fathers knew so well? Or has the knowledge been suppressed by an influential group of self-serving men?

A powerful technology was left behind by a 50,000 year-old race. How has the Society used it to plague mankind for over 2000 years?

Dr. Paul Malone is a physicist living in contemporary time. Since child-hood, he has received cryptic messages from his dreams. Edward Leedskalnin, who died in 1951, single-handedly built the Coral Castle, which stands to this day as a major tourist attraction in Homestead, Florida. How could Ed have moved sixty-thousand pound stones by himself? Esau, the innocent son of shepherds, was born over two thousand years ago in Egypt. What did Esau find in the desert that was to change the course of history? What do these men, these Gifted Ones, have in common?
  Helop lived in Ancient Egypt and was Chief Counsel to Cleopatra. He established the Society, a malevolent organization driven by greed and the lust for power. The Society flourished throughout the ages, influencing events that ranged from the destruction of the Roman Empire to the death of Abraham Lincoln. Now, the Society has a design that is more ambitious and has corrupted an important political figure in America. Who is it? What is the Societys goal?

  What is the thread that binds the plots, that weaves a tapestry fraught with suspense, and embroils the reader in a story so compelling that it keeps him turning pages late into the night? An age-old race has left behind two mysterious relics. The tale unfolds as the protagonists discover in turn, the power of these ancient artifacts.


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