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Eye of the Pyramid is an exciting novel about one man's discoveries leading to the secrets of a 50,000 year-old race, secrets that have been jealously hoarded and corrupted by an influential cabal known as "The Society" to promote their own greed and power-mongering. The Society's legacy has been corruption through the ages, and shadowy plots from the destruction of the Roman Empire to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to an evil modern-day scheme hinging upon an American leader. Ancient artifacts hold the key to power beyond imagination in this enthralling and adventurous tale.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

Industry Professionals

A tremendously crafted tale blending finance, intrigue and mysticism that reads apace with Nick Cage's hip motion-picture smash National Treasure. This page-turner has Blockbuster Film written all over it!

Matt Rich, CEO, PlanetPR


WOWTerry Krohn is a wonderful, gifted story-teller! Every chapter leaves the reader thirsting for moreMove aside Dan BrownHere is Terry Krohn.

Debbie Heika, Dir. of Operations, Dynamic Destinies Inc.


Wall Street spends billions to predict events that could impact investments, when the greatest impact comes from what they don't measure. This is a fascinating book that reveals the secret as to what's really going on.

Jackie Bassett, Author, So You Built It and They Didn't Come. Now What?

Titled Reviews

Reminds me of the Da Vinci CodeI especially liked the blend of economics and science fiction,

Financial Services Executive

I found the story compelling and feel privileged to have been one of the early readers,

Professor of Economics

I love the premisethe characters were well-crafted and the plot well-conceived,

Literary Agent / Attorney

I couldnt wait to get home and read more,

Closing Specialist / Attorney

A great read definitely a winner,

Chief Operating Officer

I wish the sequel was already outI loved the book,

Independent Marketing Agent

Reader Reviews

Anne Rice meets Spenser for Hire: A pleasing blend of stories presented with a unique writing style ... I have worked with many authors and have never seen such a subtle and effective change of language used to draw the reader into the different time periods.


I find the writing crisp, and no nonsense, with quick and penetrating thinking and on a pace to deliver something with mystery ... the style was somewhat like the Code [Da Vinci Code], and has that feeling of a building up of mystical undertones ... Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I've just finished Eye of the Pyramid and wish to complement the author. Having been a student of both religion and economics for over 40 years (especially "hard" money), I much appreciated Mr. Krohn's insights into the creation of our money system and its demise, starting in 1913 ... I'd be very interested to learn if Mr. Krohn plans a sequel ...

I finished reading your excellent novel ... the mind of good and evil, the black and white, and a very nice way of bringing the characters to life in the movement of a never ending drama.
Nicely done, I read it in two sittings, and was looking for the next page. This would be an interesting movie ... with the luxury of the sets.

You have a nice grasp of history, economics, and numbers ... and a quick mind. The Eye [Eye of the Pyramid] is also a tribute to its author ... Thank you for sharing a drama that is so little known, yet of such vital importance. I do hope a message will seep through to some who are yet in the dark.

How and when can I purchase Power of the Scepter [Sequel to Eye of the Pyramid scheduled for 2006]?

I recently finished The Rule of Four, and I must tell you that I liked Eye of the Pyramid so much better ... it shows a seasoning that can only come from time and experience.

There were so many places in Eye of the Pyramid that were special to me − I simply don't know where to begin."


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