Contemporary Sites


The Coral Castle created by Edward Leedskalnin.

Check out Ed's mysterious creations - they're real!

Gold Anti-Trust Action (GATA)

Credible men and credible analysis, both of which imply the gold price is being manipulated.

Historical Research

Currency debasement in the Roman Empire.

Search for "silver" or "debasement" on the page.

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Read the complete chronicle here.

Jesus and the moneychangers.

The passage is given by John the Apostle.

Currency Analysis

Gold Eagle - Discussion group on gold.

An excellent discussion group on gold.


Gold and silver quotes from Kitco (Real-time).




Golden Investment Advice from Jack Weber

Recommended by bestselling author Harry Browne


US Dollar NYBOT value from

Requires a free registration.


Real-time Currency



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