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Readers may register free for a chance to win $100,000.

Many people throughout the world are raving about Eye of the Pyramid, and Axiom House believes this novel will continue to perform well in the marketplace. If it reaches sales of 1,000,000 copies, Axiom House will draw a name from registered readers, and this lucky winner will be awarded $100,000. Registration for this offer closes December 1, 2006.

Please read Eye of the Pyramid before registering. Then, simply fill out the form below & click submit. Only one entry per person.

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E      Complete Email Address mail

If sales goals are met as described above, Axiom House will use a third party CPA for the drawing. Employees of Axiom House and their relatives may not participate. No purchase is necessary. However, you must be a reader of Eye of the Pyramid. If your name is chosen, you will be asked to answer simple questions about the novel prior to award.


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